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VIP.com (NYSE: VIPS) is an e-commerce platform established in 2008. Pioneering the flash sales model of “selective brand, deep discount, limited offering”, VIP.com covers wide product categories ranging from apparels, shoes & bags, cosmetics, maternal and child products, home goods to foods and more. So far, VIP.com has collaborated with over 30,000 selected brands all around the world. In 2018, VIP.com reached annual net revenue of $84.5 billion RMB, with 437 million total annual orders and more than one million average daily orders. Today, VIP.com records 340 million registered members and 86% repeat purchase rate. Since its IPO on 23rd March, 2012 in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to 30th Sep. 2019, VIP.com has realized profitability for 28 consecutive quarters. The world’s largest online discount retailer and the third largest e-commerce platform in China, VIP.com has established a flash sales model that becomes one of the three major business models in China e-commerce space.

Business Model:
Created a new e-Commerce model known as “Brand Discount + Time-Limited Deals + Certified Products”, Vip.com improves its “special offers” model into “Selected Brands + Deeper Discount + Time-Limited Deals”. Every day, hundreds of brands hold “special offers”, and with 70% discount on time-limited deals, Vip.com provides a pleasant and cost-effective online shopping experience to its customers.
VIP.com Cross-Border Business:
In September 2014, collaborated with Guangzhou Customs, VIP.com, launched “Global Special Offers”, promoting the cross-border e-Commerce into new era. VIP.com’s “Global Special Offers” adopts “three receipts joint”, which is the highest standard in the domestic cross-border e-Commerce market in China. After the development of three years, Vip’s cross-border business applied new business strategic: direct-purchase and self-support locally on certified products with no postages and taxes. By establishing over one thousand buyers’ teams among 10 countries and areas, VIP.com realizes large-scale procurements, builds price advantages, and achieves rapid growth on order forms, depending on the superiority of fast distribution among overseas warehouses and domestic bonded warehouses.
Development Scale:
In 2018, VIP.com achieved 437 million annually order forms, more than one million averages daily. Till now, the company has over 340 million registered members, with over 87% repurchase rate. Until 30th Jun. 2019,VIP.com had owned 7 warehouse centers located in Zhejiang, Liaoning, Tianjing, Guangdong, Sichuan, Hubei and Shanxi.Each warehouse is equipped with automatic system, lowering cost and enhancing efficiency. Currently, VIP.com Logistics owns nearly 3 million square meters inventory area.
  • Global Top 10 fastest-growing retailers 2011-2016—Deloitte
  • Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands 2017—BrandZ™
  • 100 Fastest Growing Companies 2016- Fortune
  • The 3rd largest online retailer—QuestMobile
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